Currently, we report additions to the oral and photographic corpus directly on our social networks: and In the bibliography section there are also specific buttons to consult new additions and record updates.

20/08/2019: Uploaded all the interviews done in Herrera de Alcántara (province of Cáceres).

16/07/2019: Uploaded all the interviews done in La Alamedilla (province of Salamanca).

16/04/2019: New interview uploaded, in Hermisende (province of Zamora).

11/04/2019: Major update of links section.

5/04/2019: Interview uploaded, in Tourém (Montalegre).

11/03/2019: One interview uploaded, in Lomear (Calvos de Randín).

01/03/2019: One interview uploaded, in Igreja (Arcos de Valdevez).

19/02/2019: One interview uploaded, in Setados.

01/09/2018: Five more interviews were uploaded: La CodoseraEsperançaLaranjeirasMalpica do Tejo, and San Silvestre de Guzmán

28/08/2018: In the sessions of the  Oral corpus, titles have been regularised, and for each description, the date of the interview, its lenght and the DOI of the audio, video and text files stored in the repository e-CienciaDatos have been added.

25/08/2018: Four pending transcriptions were uploaded: sessions 7 and 8 of Aldeia da Ponte 03 and the four sessions of Herrera de Alcántara 02. 

23/07/2018: English version of the instruction of the oral corpus (, bibliography ( and lexical thesaurus ( are available.

07/07/2018: Four new interviews, in Aldeia da PonteHerrera de AlcántaraPiedras Albas and Segura were uploaded.

02/07/2018: Portuguese version of the instruction of the oral corpus (, bibliography ( and lexical thesaurus ( are already available.

19/06/2018: The thematic thesaurus of the bibliography (FRONTESPO-BIB) was updated.

April 2018: We open up the Bibliography and the Thesaurus, as well as a new version of the Oral Corpus.

02/02/2018: Section Results was updated.

20/09/2017: Interview in Moimenta (Vinhais) uploaded. Section Results was updated.

27/08/2017: Interviews in Pitões das Júnias (Montalegre, Vila Real) and Castromil (Hermisende, Zamora) uploaded. Section Recordings.

24/07/2017: Section Results was updated.

15/07/2017: Interviews in Messegães (Monção, Viana do Castelo) and Santiago de Rubiás (Calvos de Randín, Ourense) uploaded. Section Recordings.

16/02/2017: Interview with Antonio Lorenzo (Sela, Arbo, Pontevedra) uploaded. Section Recordings.

28/11/2016: Interviews to two anonym informants in Escarigo (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Guarda) uploaded. Section Recordings.

14/11/2016: We have uploaded more than 350 photographs from the collection of the Museo Etnológico de Puerto Seguro (Puerto Seguro, Salamanca, 5 km from Portugal). Visit our gallery in Flickr

30/10/2016: The list of links was updated. Send your suggestions to

27/10/2016: Interviews with Julio Rueda (La Bouza, Salamanca) uploaded. Section Recordings.

26/10/2016: First entry of the blog published.