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April 2018: We open up the Bibliography and the Thesaurus, as well as a new version of the Oral Corpus.

2/02/2018: Section Results was updated.

20/09/2017: Interview in Moimenta (Vinhais) uploaded. Section Results was updated.

27/08/2017: Interviews in Pitões das Júnias (Montalegre, Vila Real) and Castromil (Hermisende, Zamora) uploaded. Section Recordings.

24/07/2017: Section Results was updated.

15/07/2017: Interviews in Messegães (Monção, Viana do Castelo) and Santiago de Rubiás (Calvos de Randín, Ourense) uploaded. Section Recordings.

16/02/2017: Interview with Antonio Lorenzo (Sela, Arbo, Pontevedra) uploaded. Section Recordings.

28/11/2016: Interviews to two anonym informants in Escarigo (Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, Guarda) uploaded. Section Recordings.

14/11/2016: We have uploaded more than 350 photographs from the collection of the Museo Etnológico de Puerto Seguro (Puerto Seguro, Salamanca, 5 km from Portugal). Visit our gallery in Flickr

30/10/2016: The list of links was updated. Send your suggestions to frontespo@gmail.com.

27/10/2016: Interviews with Julio Rueda (La Bouza, Salamanca) uploaded. Section Recordings.

26/10/2016: First entry of the blog published.