mañegu e o falar dos Foios. Passado comum e caminhos evolutivos divergentes. Conservação e rejeição de dialectalismos


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Estudios Hispánicos

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O mańegu and the geolect of Foios. The past in common and the divergent ways of evolution. Conservation and rejection of dialectalisms

This paper aims to elaborate a quantitative and qualitative phonetic analysis of the current pronunciation patterns of the tonic diphtong and the prenuclear africate, existing in the San Martín geolect (so-called mañegu, Cáceres province, Spain) and compare them with the correspondent units verified in the neighbour geolect of Foios, (Guarda province, Portugal), by the other side of the political border. This analysis, joint with some theoretical considerations about the language history (a primitive dialect continuum common for both geolects and its later political division) and the sociolinguistics (covert prestige and social network) have let the author to state a total evolutive divergence of the two geolects and that the traditional social and linguistic ties do not practically exist nowadays. Moreover, this paper confirms the exeptional state of conservation of mañegu. On the contrary, the Foios geolect tends to reject all of the studied dialectalisms. The explanation of referred divergence supposedly lies in the intersection of the mere phonetic qualities and the identity processes.

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