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Mirandese as an Endangered Language


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Journal of Intercultural Studies


[Resumen extraído de la fuente original]

Mirandese was legally recognized as a language during que late 1990's by the Parliment of the Portuguese Republic under Nacional Law 7/99 following the recent trend in Europe especially in Speain to view "rural linguistic minorities" as "communties who use a regional language". However compared with its neighbouring languages the Mirandese language has certain unique characteristics such as the process of its establishment and its typological feutures. 

In this papel I will analyse these peculiarities in the following order: 

- Geographical situation

- Phonological features

- Morphological features

-Lexicological features

- Originality in the process of establishment as a language

In addition to the above mentioned characteristics of Mirandese the paper will also consider which linguistic features could be learned from the experience of Mirandese for the protection and promotion of endangered languages.

ÍNDICE: 1. Introduction || 2. Typological description of the Mirandese language: what are the differences between it and surrounding language | 2.0. Geographical situation | 2.1. Phonology | 2.2. Morphology | 2.3. Lexicology || 3. Taxonomy in Romance languages || 4. Is the Mirandese language an endangered language? | 4.1. Originality in the process of language establishment: a long road to recognition of the Mirandese language | 4.2. "Regional and minority language" in Europe: is the Mirandese language one of the endangered languages in the world? || 5. Conclusion: could the Mirandese language be a model for the pormotion of endangered languages?

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