El vocalismo tónico y los principales fenómenos que lo afectan en un habla gallega del sureste de la provincia de Ourense (España)

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Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie
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This research, which has been carried out by means of surveys and recordings, delimits the seven vowel phonemes in tonic position of a variety of Galician spoken in the south-east of the province of Ourense, Spain. Prior to the analysis, we describe the geographical area of the study, and we present the objectives, methodology and theoretical framework of the research. The rest of the paper proves that the studied variety does not always show a metaphonic influence of -ŭ and that it converges with eastern Galician dialects in terms of not closing the sound ĕ when followed by a nasal, and with non-northeastern Galician dialects in terms of closing the sound ŏ when followed by a nasal. In addition, the analyzed variety does not show metaphonic influence of -a. Finally, we argue that the variants mazaira(apple tree) and aira (threshing floor) are not found in the same territory in present-day Galician. Keywords: Galician; tonic vowels; metaphony in names; vowel closing; palatalization. 

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