Dialectos portugueses do Centro-Sul: corpus de fenómenos e revisão do problema da (des)unidade


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Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie
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The traditional view on Portuguese central-southern dialects (CS) considers the existence of two idiosyncratic areas in the central-interior and southwestern parts of the country which break CS’ general homogeneity. Brissos (2014) however, presents acoustic data from which can be seen that several linguistic phenomena, usually circumscribed to those two areas, indeed exist in other distant and scattered locales not encompassed in the standard area split. Additionally, Brissos/Saramago (2014) present auditory data which corroborate Brissos’ (2014) fundamental conclusions. These facts suggest a revision of the traditional overview of CS and demand further testing: an analysis of all remaining dialectal features of CS (and not only some specific phenomena) must be conducted. This paper thus presents an extensive corpus of the dialectal features existing in CS (comprising the same area analyzed by Brissos 2014) and carries on that analysis. A new overview of those dialects is proposed. Keywords: Portuguese central-southern dialects, Corpus of Portuguese centralsouthern dialectal features, linguistic homogeneity of central-southern Portugal. Dialectos portugueses do Centro-Sul, Corpus dos traços dialectais do Centro-Sul português, homogeneidade linguística do Centro-Sul de Portugal.

ÍNDICE: 1 Introdução || 2 Abordagem maximamente abrangente aos dialectos do Centro-Sul português | 2.1 Método | 2.2 Inventário dos dados | 2.2.1 Fonética | Vogais tónicas (processos fonéticos) | Vogais átonas | Ditongos e hiatos | Consonantismo | 2.2.2 Morfo-Sintaxe | Nominais | Verbos | Outros | 2.3 Análise dos dados | 2.3.1 Análise dialectométrica | 2.3.2 Análise qualitativa || 3 Conclusão || 4 Referências citadas || Anexo | I. Mapas | II. Tabelas

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