Topics of FRONTESPO-BIB (English)


  • The core of the FRONTESPO-BIB are the works on the language of the Spanish/Portuguese border. Other relevant records that complement a linguistic understanding of the region (history, human geography, etc.) are included, as are other more general resources. However, exhaustive coverage of non-linguistic topics should not be expected.
  • The topical organisation of FRONTESPO-BIB follows two structures: the general assignment of one or more topics from the hierarchical thesaurus (which is what this document explains), and a more detailed description using keywords.
  • For topics that have sub-topics, the topic assigned will always be from the second level. That is, barring errors or entries that are undergoing the cataloguing process, there will hardly be any entries assigned to Lexicology and Lexicography, for example, but rather they will be associated with one or several of its sub-topics (Dictionaries and Glossaries; Phraseology; Onomasiological and Semasiological Works; Other Lexical Works).


General Topics




Bibliographies and catalogues. Encyclopaedias and reference works.



Documentation Centres

Archives and archival sciences. Document production.

Entities and Associations

Museums, cultural associations, scientific institutions, public bodies dedicated to border studies.

Media. Publishing Houses.

Publishing industry. Magazines and newspapers. Radio and TV broadcasters.

Inter-Disciplinary Works

General or inter-disciplinary works on the border.

Other - General Topics



Physical World



Agriculture and Animal Science.

Agriculture. Animal science. Livestock and animal husbandry. Veterinary science. Hunting and fishing. Forestry and forest engineering.

Biology. Environment

Biology. Botany. Ecology. Zoology. Palaeontology. Cross-border natural/national parks.

Physical Geography. Geology

Climatology, meteorology, geomorphology, hydrology


Mining. Extractive sector. Hydraulic engineering. Electric energy. Motorways. Railways. Postal and telegraph service. Urban development. Customs. Fences and barriers. Maintenance of border markers. Hydraulic and energy interconnections.

Medicine and Biomedicine

Public health and hygiene. Health policy. Pathology. Pharmacology. Biomedicine. DNA. Genetics. Population genetics.

Other - Physical World









Cartography. Maps.

Geographical/historical description of a region (*)

Geographical/historical description of a town or region. Travel books.


Labour market. Economic and trade relations. Production and organisation of productive activity. Market and trade institutions.

Human Geography

Demographics. Social groups and classes. Urban and rural geography. Geography of ageing.

Migrations and Exile

Immigration. Emigration. Repopulation and colonisation. Exile. Political refugees. Displaced persons



Other - Geography



(*) We assign this topic to entries that offer a general description of a town or region, as is common in ethnolinguistic case studies (e.g. Monforte da Beira atravês dos tempos). This type of work is panoramic, and therefore cataloguing the dozens of ethnographic, geographic, or historic topics they touch upon would not be very practical. Thus, we have decided not to attribute additional topics to these cases, except, when appropriate, that of General descriptions of a community (Anthropology and Ethnography), as well as in exceptional cases where the study is of a general nature, but it emphasises a certain aspect.


Political and Social Organisation




Central Government

Central State Government. State policies. Police. Armed forces.

Regional and Local Government.

Autonomous Communities. Provincial Governments. Districts. Local Governments.



Cross-Border Relations

Cross-border programmes. Common and collective lands. Border treaties and agreements. Border disputes

Other - Political and Social Organisation



Thought and Culture





Anthropology and Ethnology.


General descriptions of a community (*)


Descriptions of specific aspects

Traditions and customs. Death and funerary rites. Community life. Religious pilgrimages and cultural festivals


Buildings. Tools. Implements.

Tools. Utensils. Houses and attached buildings.


Folklore. Oral Tradition

Stories, oral storytelling, legends, oral literature, proverbs, adages, etc.


Folk Medicine

Folk medicine and veterinary science


Religion. Mythology (**)


Anthropology - Other

Other anthropological information



Visual Arts

Sculptures. Paintings and engravings. Drawing. Ceramics. Handicrafts. Architecture. Restoration.


Musical Arts

Music. Dance.


Cinema and Photography

Photography. Cinema. Documentaries


Art - Other






Pre-History and Antiquity


Middle Ages


Modern Age


Contemporary Age


History - Other


Other - Thought and Culture



(*) We assign this topic to those works that cover various anthropological and ethnographic aspects, something which is very common, for example, in ethnolinguistic case studies, which offer a geographic, historical, and cultural panorama of a town or region. In general, if this topic is assigned to an entry, it implies that it is not also assigned topics such as Folklore or Buildings, tools, and implements, given that they are understood to be included in the above topic. Exceptionally, there may be a case where a work is assigned to two of these topics, when it puts a good deal of emphasis on a particular aspect, a fact which is usually reflected in the title (e.g. La cultura oral en Acebo y Sierra de Gata).

 (**) Works which mainly consist of compilations of prayers, religious songs, etc. are categorised solely as Folklore and Oral Tradition.





Comparative studies



Comparisons between Astur-Leonese/Galician


Comparisons between Astur-Leonese/Portuguese


Comparisons between Galician/Portuguese


Comparisons between Spanish/Galician


Comparisons between Spanish/Portuguese


Comparisons between Galician/Portuguese


Other comparisons

Phonetics and Phonology


Linguistic Historiography


Lexicology and Lexicography



Dictionaries and Glossaries




Onomasiological and Semasiological Works


Other Lexical Works

Historical and Etymological Linguistics



Textual Criticism. Writing and Writing Systems




Historical Grammar. Internal History


External History




Other Works on Historical Linguistics

Morphology and Syntax


Sociolinguistics. Dialectology and Geolinguistics



Dialect Areas and Linguistic Borders


Bilingualism and Diglossia. Languages in Contact. Interferences


Competences, Uses and Attitudes


(Socio)linguistic Description of a Town or Region. Linguistic Atlases


Dialect Lexicon




Linguistic Policies. Normalisation


Works on Specific Dialect/Sociolinguistic Phenomena


Other Dialectology/Sociolinguistics Works

Other - Linguistics




[N.B. Popular literature is categorised under Anthropology and Ethnography > Oral Tradition]



Literary Studies

Literary criticism. History of literature. Cross-border literary relations

Literary Production Created along the Spanish/Portuguese Border (*)


Literary Production Set along the Spanish/Portuguese Border


Other – Literature


(*) In keywords, the type of productions represented will be noted (poetry, theatre, etc.)